The Early Career Network

The ISPAH Early Career Network (ECN) is a network of self-defined “early career” researchers and practitioners. The aim of the network is to foster the interaction, capacity and growth of early career professionals in physical activity and public health.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Facilitate connections and the sharing of knowledge/skills between early career ISPAH members (e.g. conferences, to view a number of available webinars please visit here);

  • Provide an online environment where early career ISPAH members can communicate about relevant issues (e.g. website, twitter);

  • Develop capacity and key skills in early career ISPAH members (e.g. grant writing, networking, career development);

  • Promote opportunities for early career ISPAH members to collaborate on national and international projects, research and committees;

  • Enable informal mentoring for early career ISPAH members through connections with more experienced leaders in the field.

We are an open online community that shares research, information and collaboration opportunities through regular newsletter and mail list updates. We also organise networking and mentoring events at major international conferences in our field.

The network is open to any ‘early career’ ISPAH members. For more information, or to join our network please email:

Join us on Twitter using the hashtags: #IspahECN and #PhysicalActivity