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All ISPAH members are offered individual membership in one ISPAH Thematic Council. In this section, you will find out detailed information about the ISPAH Thematic Councils, learn more about how to Charter a Council, and find out about upcoming Council Events.


ISPAH Thematic Councils are designed to bring together ISPAH members who share common interests in specific areas related to physical activity and health. The Councils are formed to meet member demand, and membership in one Council is included with ISPAH membership dues. Membership in additional councils is possible with a membership dues supplement based on the number of additional Councils desired. If you are interested in proposing a new ISPAH Thematic Council, please review the Guidelines.


Currently, the Founding Councils of ISPAH include:


Global Advocacy for Physical Activity (GAPA)/Advocacy Council of the International Society for Physical Activity (ISPAH))
GAPA focuses on advocating for physical activity and communication between networks responding to the global physical activity and health agenda and aims to increase commitment in all regions to action on physical activity and encourage governments and interested stakeholders to develop, disseminate and implement national policies, programmes and services, and to support environments that promote physical activity and health.


Council on Physical Activity Interventions (PAI)
The Council on Physical Activity Interventions works to advance understanding of effective strategies to promote physical activity, from individual level behavior change to community and population strategies.


Council on Physical Activity and Obesity (PAO)
The Council on Physical Activity and Obesity brings together scientists and practitioners from a variety of disciplines interested in the role physical activity plays in individuals and in populations in various aspects of weight and adiposity control.


Council on Environment and Physical Activity (CEPA)

The Council on Environment and Physical Activity supports investigators from multiple disciplines around the world to conduct rigorous research on physical activity and the environment and the use of results to advocate for evidence-based environmental and policy changes to support and promote physical activity internationally.