WHO launches consultation on the Global Action Plan for Physical Activity

Promoting Global physical activity – Time for Action – Participate in ISPAH Consultation

More people moving more is central to the world being a healthier place. Unfortunately, evidence is pointing to people everywhere becoming less active than ever before, while the burden of chronic non-communicable diseases rises unabated.

In response, the WHO has launched the draft new Global Action Plan to Promote Physical Activity. You can download the draft Global Action Plan on Physical Activity here

Years of advocacy have culminated in this unique opportunity; the development and comprehensive implementation of a global action plan to promote physical activity will, in many ways, shape the future. Now is you chance to shape this plan by participating in the consultation. We want to hear your voice. Complete our survey to contribute to a coordinated response from ISPAH here.

Now is the time for action!

Charlie Foster – ISPAH President

BJSM publishes the BKK Declaration on Physical Activity and Health

The Bangkok Declaration on Physical Activity and Health has now been published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

As an accompaniment to the publication, Charlie Foster (ISPAH President; University of Oxford), Trevor Shilton (ISPAH Advocacy; National Health Foundation), Lucy Westerman (NCD Alliance), Justin Varney (Public Health England) and Fiona Bull (ISPAH Past President 2014-2016; World Health Organisation) have written a BJSM blog: World Health Organisation to develop Global Action Plan to Promote Physical Activity.

The publication continues to grow the impact and dissemination of the BKK Declaration on Physical Activity and Public Health and the accompanying blog provides an elegant and poignant commentary on the development of the World Health Organisation's Global Action Plan to Promote Physical Activity. Please read and share with your networks to continue to promote the advocacy for physical activity and health worldwide.


Call for EOI to host the IPSAH Congress 2020

ISPAH are now calling for Expressions of Interest to host the 2020 ISPAH Congress. The ISPAH Congress is one of the key global forums on physical activity and public health.

ISPAH has over as decade of experience in hosting its biennial Congress, with the aims of advancing multidisciplinary and cross-cultural communication and collaboration on all aspects of the scientific study of physical activity and health, and sharing innovative policy and programmes that promote and engage people to be physically active and improve their health.

The next ISPAH congress will take place in London on 15 – 17 October 2018 and is being co-hosted by Public Health England and Sport England.

Experience shows that hosting an international Congress on physical activity and health has the potential to strengthen collaboration between relevant interested stakeholders across government, non-government, academia and civil society, and to further national actions on physical activity.

If you would be interested in hosting the ISPAH Congress in 2020 or 2022, please download the guidance document and complete the Expression of Interest form which can be downloaded here.

The deadline for expressions of interest is 28 April 2017, 23:59 GMT.