Register your activtations for World Day of Physical Activity (6 April) and World Move for Health Day (10 May)

A message from our Council Agita Mundo

Please share your activations and experiences for World Day of Physical Activity and World Move for Health Day!  This year’s theme is “Be Active Every Day!”.  It’s easy to do… simply load your event, with photos or other media directly on the Agita Mundo portal.  We will share this information with the entire network, and our broader physical activity community!  Watch this space for more on social mobilization for physical activity, as part of the World Health Organization Global Action Plan for Physical Activity!  Let’s be “activitists” for activity!

Step 1:  Go to the Agita Portal at .

Step 2: Hover on Agita Mundo on the bar at the top of the website.

Step 3: Hover over World Day for Physical Activity and click on Presentation.

Step 4:  Click on REGISTER THE SHARES.

Step 5: Complete the two pages as requested.

Step 6: Upload any media (photos, videos) for your event onto a website or social media site, and place the address (URL) on the second page.  If you have any difficulty in registering or uploading your media, you can contact us directly, by sending an email to: .


Thank you for sharing your experiences with the global community of physical activity activitists, researchers, policy makers, and practitioners!

ISPAH is calling for nominations for President 2020-2022 - could it be you?

Call for Nominations for ISPAH President 2020-2022

Process for the 2018 Elections


The International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH) invites eligible ISPAH members to nominate candidates for President of the Society. The successful candidate will commence as President-Elect effective October 2018 and their role as President from October 2020 for a period to two years.



All paid ISPAH members are eligible to nominate candidates for the position of President-elect. All nominees must also be a member of ISPAH. Desirable characteristics include being mid or senior career, with an international research profile and the supporting infrastructure to facilitate fulfilment of the role. Preference is given to candidates who have served on the ISPAH Board and/or been active in regional networks on physical activity. Self-nominations are not accepted.


Note: Individuals wishing to join ISPAH to be eligible to nominate or to be eligible for nomination can join via



The President shall carry out responsibilities according to the ISPAH Bylaws during the term of office. These responsibilities include providing leadership to the Society and the activities of the ISPAH Board, overseeing the strategic directions of ISPAH, acting as the primary public facing representation of the Society, and representing ISPAH at international and regional meetings. The term of office for the President is up to 6 years (up to 2 years as President-elect, 2 years as President and 2 years as Past President). The President-elect 2018 – 2020 will assume official duties as President at the biennial conference in October 2020.



Please submit the following information, in any format:

·       Name and a short CV (2 pages maximum) of the suggested candidate

·       Contact information of the candidate (including institution, title, address, e-mail address, phone number)

·       Brief rationale for the nomination (one paragraph/approx. 300-400 words)

·       Short statement from the nominated candidate (no more than 500 words) which should include a response to the question: What would you see as key priorities for the Society over the next six years?


Please submit nominations and all requested information to Catherine Draper at by 30th April 2018, 23:59 GMT. Late submissions will not be accepted.



·       The ISPAH Executive Committee will evaluate the received nominations and shortlist two individuals.

·       The ISPAH membership will be invited to vote by way of electronic survey. Nominee names and statements will be posted on the ISPAH website at the opening of the ballot period.

·       The candidates receiving the largest number of votes from ISPAH members shall be elected. In the case of a tie, the ISPAH Board will vote to select one of the two candidates.

·      Only paid ISPAH members are eligible to vote.



·       20 February 2018 to 30 April 2018, 23:59 GMT: Call for nominations

·       By end 14 May 2018: Review by Executive Committee. Report to the full Board at the June 2018 board meeting. 

·       Mid June 2018: Open election via the internet.

·       20 July 2018: Voting closes at 23.59 GMT

·       Early August 2018: Finalize/confirm results at the board meeting. Results will be announced to the ISPAH membership.

Your voice is needed!

Join ISPAH’s strong expression of concern about the absence of physical activity from the draft WHO Global Program of Work 2019-2023 and its Impact Framework

The International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH) is seeking your support and advocacy to advance strong inclusion of physical activity in the WHO Global Program of Work 2019-2023 and its Impact Framework.  Astonishingly, physical activity is absent from the current draft.
Your advocacy can be through direct representation to WHO, through your Member State representatives or via the simple online form at
Clearly, this is a vital issue for our field, given the compelling evidence regarding the protective effect of physical activity across the major noncommunicable diseases, as a driver of overweight and obesity and the other risk factors. The omission is further surprising given the prominence of physical activity in the UN NCD Agenda and existing WHO commitments around diet and physical activity. Inclusion of physical activity in the GPW 2019-2023 And its explicit inclusion in the Impact Framework is essential to advance the WHO Global Action Plan on PA which will go to the WHO General Assembly in May 2018, and to further capitalise on the strong evidence and opportunities for linkage between physical activity, healthy cities, settings and at least ten of the Sustainable Development Goals, as explicitly outlined in ISPAH’s Bangkok Declaration (2016).
The International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH) are strongly recommending that physical inactivity be included in the 13th GPW and that it be explicitly included in the WHO Impact Framework.
ISPAH, like others, remain prepared to assist to this end.  Please lend your support to this call.
Trevor Shilton
Chairman of GAPA, the Advocacy Council of ISPA