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Join ISPAH’s strong expression of concern about the absence of physical activity from the draft WHO Global Program of Work 2019-2023 and its Impact Framework

The International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH) is seeking your support and advocacy to advance strong inclusion of physical activity in the WHO Global Program of Work 2019-2023 and its Impact Framework.  Astonishingly, physical activity is absent from the current draft.
Your advocacy can be through direct representation to WHO, through your Member State representatives or via the simple online form at
Clearly, this is a vital issue for our field, given the compelling evidence regarding the protective effect of physical activity across the major noncommunicable diseases, as a driver of overweight and obesity and the other risk factors. The omission is further surprising given the prominence of physical activity in the UN NCD Agenda and existing WHO commitments around diet and physical activity. Inclusion of physical activity in the GPW 2019-2023 And its explicit inclusion in the Impact Framework is essential to advance the WHO Global Action Plan on PA which will go to the WHO General Assembly in May 2018, and to further capitalise on the strong evidence and opportunities for linkage between physical activity, healthy cities, settings and at least ten of the Sustainable Development Goals, as explicitly outlined in ISPAH’s Bangkok Declaration (2016).
The International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH) are strongly recommending that physical inactivity be included in the 13th GPW and that it be explicitly included in the WHO Impact Framework.
ISPAH, like others, remain prepared to assist to this end.  Please lend your support to this call.
Trevor Shilton
Chairman of GAPA, the Advocacy Council of ISPA


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The International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH) are seeking your views as to how we can best serve your needs and together, advance and promote physical activity as a global health priority.

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WHO launches consultation on the Global Action Plan for Physical Activity

Promoting Global physical activity – Time for Action – Participate in ISPAH Consultation

More people moving more is central to the world being a healthier place. Unfortunately, evidence is pointing to people everywhere becoming less active than ever before, while the burden of chronic non-communicable diseases rises unabated.

In response, the WHO has launched the draft new Global Action Plan to Promote Physical Activity. You can download the draft Global Action Plan on Physical Activity here

Years of advocacy have culminated in this unique opportunity; the development and comprehensive implementation of a global action plan to promote physical activity will, in many ways, shape the future. Now is you chance to shape this plan by participating in the consultation. We want to hear your voice. Complete our survey to contribute to a coordinated response from ISPAH here.

Now is the time for action!

Charlie Foster – ISPAH President