#8Investments now published in JPAH!

#8Investments now published in JPAH!

A concise summary of the rationale, methods and intentions of ISPAH’s Eight Investments That Work for Physical Activity advocacy document.

In November 2020, ISPAH launched “Eight Investments That Work for Physical Activity” #8Investments. Now, a summary of the Eight Investments has been published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health (JPAH; doi.org/10.1123/jpah.2021-0112).

The JPAH article explains how, given the expanding evidence base, it was timely to review and update the 2011 Investments that Work for Physical Activity – a milestone document in physical activity advocacy.

The article affirms that the largest population health benefit will be achieved through a combination of #8investments in a systems-based approach.

Do you support the #8Investments? If yes, then you can endorse them!

In the near future, we are looking to build a community of practice among our members and endorsers of the #8Investments. 

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ISPAH’s #8Invesments has been made available in the 6 official UN languages (as well as a growing number of additional languages).

An infographic was published in BJSM.

A full advocacy toolkit is also available, including podcasts, an audiobook and social media images


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