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Author: Elroy Aguiar

ISPAH Congress 2021 – Vancouver

ISPAH Congress - Vancouver We are excited to announce that our plans for the ISPAH Congress in Vancouver, 12-14 October 2021, are going ahead! We are exploring various options for a ‘hybrid’ congress that will include both face-to-face and virtual components. The local organising team will

Summary of the WHO PA and SB Guidelines

Summary of the WHO PA and SB Guidelines The World Health Organization has launched the 2020 global WHO Guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour. These guidelines emphasize that everyone, of all ages and abilities, can be physically active and that every type of movement

ISPAH Secretariat Position – Apply Now!

ISPAH is looking to appoint an Early Career Researcher as the new Secretariat for the ISPAH Board, to take on the role from October 2020. The Secretariat is responsible for undertaking administrative tasks to support the operation of the ISPAH Board. A detailed list of
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