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Agita Mundo

Agita Mundo

The Agita Mundo Network stimulates research and encourages the dissemination of information on the benefits of physical activity and the realisation of effective strategies to increase the physical activity level of the population. The network also supports the development of programs and networks of local physical activity and worldwide.

Agita Mundo was welcomed as an ISPAH council in 2015 and is chaired by Professor Vicki Lambert (Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, University of Cape Town).

Joining the Council

You can select to join Agita Mundo when joining or renewing your ISPAH membership. If you are already an ISPAH member and would like to be a member, you can join by contacting Vicki via email.

Vicki Lambert
Vicki is Director of the Health through Physical Activity Lifestyle and Sport Research Centre (HPALS), Department of Human Biology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town
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Welcome Back!

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