ISPAH ECN Regional Representative: Expression of Interest

ISPAH ECN Regional Representative: Expression of Interest

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ISPAH’s Early Career Network (ECN) is looking for volunteers to fill positions as Regional Representatives. The duties of the Regional Representative shall include:

(a) To assist the webinar team with developing the webinar series, including but not limited to recruiting regional speakers.
(b) Represent ISPAH-ECN at local conferences and events approved by the ISPAH-ECN Committee;
(c) Facilitate the growth of the ISPAH-ECN network by local advocacy and promoting membership;
(d) Provide volunteer leadership and support for ISPAH-ECN activities organised within the region;
(e) Report regional activities and opportunities at monthly meetings or more regularly if called upon by the ISPAH-ECN Committee;
(f) Assist with identifying subsequent Regional Representatives when necessary.

Applications are welcomed from all regions at any time. However, current vacant roles are as follows (as of 14/09/2021
– Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO)
– South-East Asian (SEARO)

All positions are voluntary (unpaid).

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