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Free Webinars

Free Webinars

ISPAH runs an ongoing webinar series organised by the Early Career Network and the Education Committee. Details of previous webinars and links to the webinar recordings can be found below.

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ISBNPA NESI ISPAH Joint Webinar Working in Government Health

21 Nov 2017

Rapid Fire Implementation Science Learnings

26 Feb 2020

Career Pathways with WHO and FAO

21 Nov 2019

Is the definition of physical activity too narrow?

29 Oct 2019

Getting the most out of a conference: What to do before, during and after

28 May 2019

ISBNPA NESIMNC and ISPAH Webinar Mentoring in health behavior research

19 Mar 2019

NESI ISBNPA ISPAH ECN Webinar: Surviving your PhD without burnout

26 Nov 2018

ISPAH ISBNPA Webinar: Disseminating research output to increase audience and outreach

17 Sep 2018

The WHO Global Action Plan on Physical Activity

9 Aug 2018

ISBNPA ISPAH Webinar Publishing High Impact Papers: A Researcher’s and Editor’s Perspective

8 May 2018

Joint ISPAH ISBNPA Webinar: The ‘how to’s and how not to’s’ of peer reviewing: perspectives from a reviewer and a journal editor

19 Mar 2018

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