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ISPAH’s Eight Investments That Work for Physical Activity | #8Investments

A call to action for everyone, everywhere, including professionals, academics, civil society and decision makers, to embed physical activity in national and subnational policies.

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Embedding physical activity into the curriculum of trainee healthcare professionals
National action in the UK to raise the visibility and quality of physical activity teaching...
Time, Training, Trust - making movement prescription an easier choice
Why aren’t more doctors prescribing physical activity? The World Health Organization ranks physical inactivity as...
Researchers work with City Hall to develop local solutions to promote sport and recreation for all
Sport and Recreation for All
University faculty proposes local community sports facilities to combat physical inactivity in Arad, Romania Aurel...


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Regional Media Contacts

Jasper Schipperijn

ISPAH President

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Catherine Draper

ISPAH Past-President


Lindsey Reece

Lindsey Reece

ISPAH Advocacy Lead


Advocacy Kit

Share and Advocate

Amplify reach and engagement with the document by sharing it! As outlined on page 18 and 19 of the full document, sharing is only one step in advocacy. The next advocacy step is using the Eight Investments within your networks and circle of influence. The suggestions and resources are to assist you to advocate within your networks.
1. Write to your colleagues and other professionals by adding in your details to this Modifiable Template Letter.
2. Write a blog or embed within your newsletter using the Newsletter Draft Text.
3. Present ISPAH’s Eight Investments to your colleagues, influencers and decision makers using this Presentation.
4. Like, comment, share and tag! On social media, please use #8Investments and content from the Social Media Toolkit.

Social Media Toolkit

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Example draft text for posts – English

Post 1: I/We endorse the #8Investments that work for physical activity! Everyone has a role to play to get our nations more active – what will you do? #timetoact #BeActive @ISPAH @WHO

Post 2: Together, we can beat #NCDs by supporting and TAKING ACTION on the @ISPAH #8Investments that work for physical activity! Read, SHARE, ENDORSE & FEEDBACK

For all posts, use #8Investments. Please also tag ISPAH on our social platforms.

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You can show your support for ISPAH’s Eight Investments. As an individual, as an organisation, or both, you can endorse the Eight Investments That Work. We will list endorsing individuals and organisations here on our website on an ongoing basis.
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Join the conversation on social media and share your thoughts on ISPAH’s Eight Investments using #8Investments and @ISPAH
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Let us know how you used the document and are advocating for physical activity in your region by emailing us

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